The herald of Al-Azeez. A top debator in various sections.

ANB joined back in 2004, but left after a few months and did not come back until 06. He racked up posts in the DBZ section and moved on to various other areas such as serious debate and crossover battles. He lives in Ohio.

As it turns out, he is not one to be trifled with:

Destructive capabilities: By focusing his chi, ANB is capable of building+ level destruction. Strength: Can lift up to 400 lbs. Fact. Durability: Enormous, at least star+ Skils: A master of the shotokan style of karate. He has a learned every language in the world. Good at art and writing. Intelligence/other: ANB has proven time and time again that he is never wrong, even if it be that it goes against common sense and everyone's else's opinion. With this strange trait, he has demonstrated low-tier reality-warping. Being a herald, he has cosmic awareness on a universal scale.

Critical ReceptionEdit